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The best places to celebrate National Cappuccino Day


These cappuccinos will make you say cappuccino yes.

The first sip of a delicious cappuccino is one of life’s simple pleasures. The bright taste of coffee is perfectly balanced with the sweet decadence of warm steamed milk – the more foam, the better. Cappuccino can be bought in almost every cafe in the city. However, not all cappuccinos are created equal. Since Tuesday, November 8th is National Cappuccino Day, here are a few places to start today’s celebration.

The exterior of the Pisellino bar.  The storefront features an outdoor seating area with a black awning emblazoned with a white 'BAR PISELLINO' sign.  Above the awning is a black plaque that reads
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Bar Pisellino

52 Grove st.

A West Village favorite chefs Rita Soddy and Jody Williams, Bar Pisellino is a beautiful Italian cafe with great lighting, elegant glassware and bold espresso. A real treat, Bar Pisellino’s cappuccino is hot with plenty of foam. For a more premium experience, this cappuccino is served on a silver tray. Experience the sophistication of the Florence cafe with this decadent coffee.

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Stumptown Coffee Roasters

30 W. 8th St.

Stumptown is the best cappuccino for those who want to give up dairy milk. This cappuccino is smaller, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t take the oat milk from me. Stumptown doesn’t charge extra for non-dairy alternatives, so you can save extra cash for a sweet treat between classes. The 8th Street location is just minutes from campus, making it the perfect spot for pre-workout.

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Cafe Roma

385 Broome St.

Located in the heart of Little Italy, a cappuccino at Caffé Roma will take you back in time. Since its opening in 1891, this establishment has served cappuccinos in massive mugs overflowing with foam. To spice up the typical cappuccino, they offer fun flavors including French Vanilla and Hazelnut, served with a dollop of whipped cream. Cafeis Roma may be a bit touristy due to its age and fame, but it deserves the buzz.

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Cafe Reja

119 MacDougal St.

Known as the first cappuccino cafe in the country, Caffe Reggio is a rite of passage on National Cappuccino Day. Since 1927, this rustic spot has been serving up quality drinks in an amazing atmosphere. Sip an original cappuccino surrounded by works of art from the Italian Renaissance, including 16th-century paintings from the school of Caravaggio and a bench that once belonged to the Medici family. Go for the coffee, stay for the culture.

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MUD Restaurant, aka Mudspot

307 E. 9th St.

This East Village staple is the coziest place to sip a delicious cappuccino on a brisk fall day. Perfect for solo trips, coffee dates and large groups, Mudspot is a versatile spot serving up some of the best coffee in town. While the maple mud and chai latte are very popular, the creamy and bold cappuccino is extremely underrated.

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