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Does this house in the UK look like the “inside of an Ikea wardrobe”?


The gorgeous estate caught the attention of Zillow Gone Wild

Screenshot from Savills.com

A stunning English estate that featured in a popular UK TV series has hit the market in St Albans for $6.86 million.

Abbey Orchard House, which was designed by an “award-winning” firm, was described as “exquisite and exciting” by Kevin McCloud, host of the long-running British show Grand Designs, according to the listing on Savills.com. .

And the spirit is captivating.

After passing through the Japanese gate, the entrance opens. The jasmine that stretches over the pergola provides a magical fragrance as one crosses the stone bridge between the flowing water,” the listing describes. “Entrance through massive maple double doors into a 30 meter glazed atrium connecting the two wings of this magnificent home. The feng shui influence plays a role, as does the strong visual connection to the surrounding landscape.”

The five-bedroom, five-bathroom, 5,175-square-foot home on two acres has even been featured on popular real estate social media Zillow Gone WildFacebook page and Twitter account which highlight unique properties for sale.

This house in St. Albans, England has been described as “part Japanese, part medieval monastery, part Roman villa” by “Grand Designs” host Kevin McCloud, and it’s perfect, according to the house’s caption.

And it must be said that some fans were in love. Others? A little confused.

I remember this episode! Are they selling?! Also, Kevin is my hero,” one person said.

“Are they selling?! I watched an episode of Grand Designs and it was fascinating!” – said another.

“There are a lot of windows. I hope it comes with a lifetime supply of Windex,” someone noted.

“Too much of an office building/hospital atrium feel. No personality at all,” one person said.

“I heard someone say, ‘Would you tell the kids to stop running around on the roof?'” joked another.

“I never thought house would have hit my personality perfectly, but this one did!” someone tweeted.

“I am without irony love it actually,” one person said.

“This the inner side Ikea cabinets,” commented another.

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