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The singer criticizes the harsh comments on Instagram about her child’s body


“I had no idea it would cause such a reaction,” said the famous Tennessee mom.

Screenshot from Jesse James Decker’s Instagram page

What was supposed to be a fun family photo on the Thanksgiving holiday led to a series of accusations against the pop singer Jesse James Decker and her children.

And she’s letting her critics know she’s had enough.

“I wasn’t planning on addressing it because it’s a doozy,” Decker said on Instagram on Monday, Nov. 28. “When I posted (photos of) our vacation and included the kids being silly on the beach during our Thanksgiving trip, I had no idea it would get the reaction it did.”

The photo Decker links to is a snap of her three children posing on the beach with the caption “Vacation Decker Style.” Vivi, Eric Jr. and Forrest are slim and athletic, with clearly visible abs.

While some viewers praised the Nashville-based Deckers for keeping their kids healthy and fit, others had mixed opinions. Some commented that the children’s physiques were “weird”, “creepy”, “weird” and “a joke”.

Decker, who faced the tough opinion about your body online in the past is certainly no laughing matter.

“We preach body positivity and acceptance, but my kids, who have a huge amount of genetic and built muscle through athletics, is ‘weird?'” Decker said on Instagram. “Let’s not be picky about what we normalize about bodies and embrace all people and children. If we want to do “better”, do better. I am proud of my children and encourage them to realize their dreams.”

After speaking out about the negative comments, Decker received strong support from followers.

“You are a great mom with athletic children. Don’t let this crazy world get you down guys. Keep shining,” one person said.

“As a national gymnast growing up and having a 6 pack since I was 5 years old, I’ve been made fun of for my muscles, ashamed of them my whole life,” athlete and fitness influencer Thea Fedriva commented to Decker. “Preach it, mom, and show your kids how great it is to be strong.”

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