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The ultimate gift guide for the NYU student in your life


If you’re wondering what your Violet wants for the holidays, look no further.

With the holidays just around the corner and Black Friday sales about to begin, you may be wondering what to get the NYU student you know and love for the holidays. For the student who spends all their time at 404 Fitness, or someone who can’t live without an expensive New York City coffee, this gift guide has it all.

For the avid reader

McNally Jackson Reader Rewards Card: If the biggest bookworm you know is looking to save on their literature, look no further. McNally Jackson, landmark bookstore p four locations in New York City, offers a 10% discount on every member’s purchase. Membership also includes a discount at their Goods For The Study brick-and-mortar store.

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Tout from threads: A symbol to let everyone know that they are reading and buying books at one of the coolest bookstores in town.

Subscribe to New York Magazine with full access: New York Magazine is always a great read for all things New York. This subscription gives readers access to the general magazine, Cut, Strategist, Vulture, Grub Street and Intelligencer. So much depth and breadth in one subscription!

For the student who still takes notes by hand

Muji handles: A popular stationery brand close to campus, the Muji range of pens write smoothly, never spill and give students some street cred. Replenishment is also readily available for students at the Washington Square campus, with Cooper Square Store just a 10-minute walk from the park.

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Notebook Mon Carnet de Poche: If that notebook loves the feel of an old book, a notebook filled with uneven, rough pages would make the perfect gift for them. With a combination of lined pages, grid paper and plain pages, the notebook will check all their paper needs.

Smart notebooks: Paper in your bag can be very annoying – smart notepads are the perfect solution. With a smart notebook, notes can be written in the same way and touch as on paper, but can be accessed later on a laptop or phone. Some noteworthy brands worth shopping Moleskin and Rocket book.

For gym lovers 404 Fitness

NYU workout gear: The NYU Bookstore carries a ton of college gear perfect for working out. With NYU apparel from brands like Beyond Yoga, Champion, Lululemon, Nike, and Under Armour, there are so many 404 visitor options in your life.

Store interior with stacks of clothes and a mannequin on the right.  The clothes are mostly purple, some of them have
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Noise canceling headphones: While the sounds of New York are invigorating for many, they may not be for everyone. If that gym-goer likes to work out to his own music, headphones that let him escape the city are a must.

Massage guns and foam rollers: Indeed, anyone living in New York can use these products to relieve muscle pain and tension. Walking everywhere, especially in addition to working out, can really take a toll on someone’s body. No one will be happy to relieve muscle pain.

For coffee lovers

Electric kettle: If your NYU student is always in a rush and prefers a cost-effective caffeine injection, an electric kettle is the best option. Everyone has different tastes, so maybe let them choose ground coffee for hot water. You can go the classic route, with a Cuisinart or Hamilton Beachor you can choose a bright color from a HADEN.

A gift card to a coffee shop near campus: If they like to indulge and get a cup of joe on the go, there’s nothing better than a coffee shop foundation. Among local NYU favorites Crazy Espresso, The Bean NYC, Think about coffee and La Colombe Coffee Roasters.

For a cook in a dormitory

On a white and blue floral background, a book in a red cover with black titles reading "The New York Times Cooking No-Recipe Recipes Sam Sifton."
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New York Times Cooking No-Recipes Recipes cookbook: This national bestseller is perfect for students living on campus or in a cramped apartment. This easy-to-cook book lists over 100 recipes, from pasta to steak tacos. Ingredients can be easily substituted; in fact, your student chef won’t even need to go to the store to make these meals.

Nostalgia MyMini personal sandwich bag: This small appliance can easily fit into a tiny dorm and is useful for those without a kitchen. The sandwich maker is perfect for small pizzas, quesadillas and paninis.

Any day: The glassware company is designed to free up your time by tapping into the unexpected magic of the microwave oven. The silicone rim locks in moisture and the vented handle releases excess pressure when cooking in the microwave or oven. For students without a kitchen or those who just want to save time, making shakshuka, coconut rice noodles, pasta and cookies has never been easier.

For a Manhattanite who goes to class on J Street

Karecel Cordless Hand Warmers: With winter comes the chill of long commutes, and if you’re riding the subway or bus, having a source of heat—even if it’s just a small battery—will make all the difference. These little hand warmers will make commuting a lot easier.

New York Times Games Subscription: With this subscription, the recipient will have access to over 10,000 crossword puzzles, in addition to other NYT specialty games, including Spelling Bee, Tiles, Letter Boxed, Vertex, and the classic Sudoku to play during their journey across the bridge.

After all, any gift you get a college student won’t go unnoticed. I wish you the best of luck in your gift-giving endeavors, and I hope the NYU student in your life loves whatever you decide to get them.

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