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A cold and gray start to the work week – Chris


What we track

We’re tracking cooler, foggier weather for the work week with temperatures 5-10 degrees below average.

Plan your day

Grab some vitamin D and dig out your light therapy lamp, the gray days of winter are here. Monday will be foggy and chilly, with temperatures above freezing in the morning and around freezing in the afternoon. It will be dry, but watch for places where the fog freezes to the road. Clearing is possible in the afternoon. Keep your sunglasses ready just in case.

Spokane and Coeur d’Alene forecast

Colder than average weather will persist for another week due to persistent high atmospheric pressure. The Spokane area is expected to have low clouds and fog, while nearby areas will see some sun. Temperatures will be in the low to mid 30s during the week, with overnight lows in the low twenties. The weather will remain dry through the week, but there are hints of a change in weather leading up to Thanksgiving week.

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