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Each one has its own story: several pumpkins have suffered


It was a few days after Halloween, in the evening. I had only lived in my quiet inner city for a few years and didn’t know my neighbors very well. But the lady across the street had two very nice guys, one about 13 and the other maybe a little younger.

That evening I heard a lot of laughing and shouting and looked out the window to see what was going on.

The boys were fighting pumpkins in the middle of the street! It wasn’t just a few pumpkins. The street was littered with probably 15 or more smashed pumpkins. The first thing that came to my mind was, I hope no one is passing by on a motorcycle.

I quickly called 911 (our only option at the time). I told them I wanted to let them know what was going on. But I also said that these are really nice kids doing something really stupid.

Only a few minutes later, one of the boys heard a car coming around the corner and armed himself with a pumpkin, ready to surprise the driver. But to his surprise, the siren went off and the blue light came on. The pumpkin was dropped. A few minutes later, the officer spoke with the boys’ mother.

That night the boys were very busy cleaning the street. I don’t think the street has ever been so clean before or since.

I wonder if they have children of their own and if they pass this story on to them. I’m sure it’s a Halloween they’ll never forget!

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