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Turkey tetrazzini is perfect for using up Thanksgiving leftovers


Planning and preparing a big holiday dinner, even if it’s just for your family, is production. It takes skill, time, hard work and a lot of washing up.

After all is said and done, it seems like a long time. You’re so glad you did it and also glad it’s over. There are still mouths to feed on a holiday weekend, and the same leftovers get monotonous after a while.

This week’s turkey tetracini recipe is the perfect use of leftover turkey meat. This is comforting Casserole with egg noodles, an aromatic sauce of cream, chicken broth and dry sherry, and a little cheese. And sprinkled with breadcrumbs. What could be better?

This recipe is quite easy to make, even though it has a few steps. After preparing Thanksgiving dinner, it’s time to take a break from the complicated dishes in the kitchen. It’s time to focus on enjoying the holiday weekend, maybe putting up some holiday decor and getting some rest. Some people shop on Black Friday, but you couldn’t pay me to do that, especially this year.

Thanksgiving is a day of thanksgiving, and I hope you can see that we are surrounded by blessings big and small. Even if your celebration is with just one person, I hope you find a way to make it special.

May your turkey be juicy, your gravy hot, your mashed potatoes nice, and your pie sweet and hearty. Thank you, dear readers. You are among my blessings.

Equipment for the production of Turkey Tetrazzini


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