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Write again… On the resumption of work – Washington Daily News


Write again… Re-entering the workforce

Posted at 17:48, Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The time has come. The fact is that it appeared a while ago, but I just didn’t want to recognize it, I suspect.

I mean, at my age, it just didn’t make sense. It didn’t seem like that. All this was in the past. Ready. Finished.

Well, not so. I might as well give it up. You see, I’m just going to have to use that dreaded three-letter word. Right here in print for everyone: work.

That’s right. I would like to have a job. Now, please don’t jump to conclusions. Let’s not hurry.

I’m not talking full time. My God. In no way. Something extraneous. With certain qualifications. Like, you don’t need to be outside in oppressively hot or very cold weather. No. I can’t use it.

And I don’t want something that involves sitting in front of a computer screen. How limited. sad

Sales? Retail? Crazy hours. Too much on the legs.

Teaching? Been there, done that.

Landscaping? Yard work? This is for a younger person. I passed it.

The night watchman? Opportunity. Not outside in bad weather, of course. And definitely not an eight-hour shift. And no weapons.

The fact is that two, three, maybe four hours at a time will be quite enough. And not every day. Regardless of the nature of the work.

An ideal job for me would be one where I could combine my propensity to socialize with my propensity to be chatty. I enjoyed my summer job for several years at the Wright Brothers site on the Outer Banks. Why, I even drew Orville a couple of mornings each week in a living history setting. I was kind of Orville with a southern accent. That from time to time I would notice arrivals from more northern latitudes.

In terms of remuneration in exchange for my abilities and talents, I wouldn’t ask for much. I would be smart during this phase of the negotiation process.

good. Enough detail. If anyone has any suggestions or tips please let me know. But take your time.

I am not quite sure when I will actually be able to begin this next phase of my professional journey. Maybe this fall. Or maybe around the first year, although the cold weather can be a bit of a hindrance. Maybe next spring. Let’s say sometime in April, or better in May. Or. . .

Anyway, thanks for your interest and concern. Oops Instead of you hooking up with me, let me just get up with you. That will be better. Much better.

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