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Trump sued the committee on Jan. 6, claiming the subpoena violated his constitutional rights.


On Friday, President Trump sued the January 6 House Committee, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and nine members of the panel, claiming their subpoena required him to answer questions from lawmakers about whether the attack on the US Capitol violated the separation of powers.

In a 41-page lawsuit, his lawyers said the subpoena served on him last month was overly broad and, if enforced, would violate the former president’s constitutional rights and powers.

The lawsuit notes that no president has been forced to testify before a congressional committee — while some have done so voluntarily.

“President Trump has been put in the untenable position of choosing between compliance him executive rights and constitutional prerogatives, or the risk of enforcement of a subpoena issued him“, the lawsuit said.

He is asking the judge to block the committee’s subpoena for January 6.

Last month, the group sued Mr Trump him appear to testify and provide bond documents he may have communicated with extremist groups and other lawmakers.

Mr. Trump is unlikely to have to testify, given that the committee will disband in January.

He was set to come to the trans panel him court summons in mid-November; however, the lawsuit will likely delay any required appearance for some time.

The legal filing also comes days before Mr Trump is expected to announce him Candidacy for the post of president in 2024. November 15.

The case is Trump v. Special Committee to Investigate the Attack on the US Capitol on January 6.

It was filed in the Southern District of Florida.

– The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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