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If you vote in the box, make sure it is before 8pm

Electoral service
Electoral service

SPOKANE, WA. It’s been a busy day at the election office, and it’s going to get even busier as we get closer to the evening.

We were told they had lines in the office since they opened the doors at 7am. If you are going to vote at an election office or drop box, the earlier you go, the better.

If you use a filing box, make sure it’s well before 8:00 p.m. Chances are there could be long lines at the drop boxes and if you get in line a minute after 8:00 p.m., you won’t be able to cast your ballot.

For those who question the district elections on the ballots, the redistricting commission was changed this year.

“There are now five county commissions that will go into effect in the first year,” Spokane County Elections Manager Mike McLaughlin said. “You are currently still represented by 3 county commissioner districts. It’s the same with the leg.”

They redrawn district boundaries, and most of the unincorporated areas south of Liberty Lake, Spokane Valley, and the city of Spokane used to be in a different district. Now they are in the 9th district. You will vote for who will represent you in the future.

As for security: so far so good. The Spokane Police Department is on high alert, checking ballot boxes and polling places throughout the day.

South Hill Library and Indian Trail are closed for construction, so you cannot vote at these locations.

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